My first steps with Solaris

For some time now a friend of mine kept nagging me about how cool Solaris were and what nice features like ZFS and everthing it had. As I was using Debian Linux for a really long time and was absolutely satisfied in all situations I didn’t give Solaris much of a thought. But recently I decided to give it a chance and try something new. So here are my first experiences and tipps.


I recommend to choose the user defined installation. For Slice-Sizes  I chose 50GB for / and 50GB for /exports/home/ because the initial Size of 4GB for / seemed quite small in my opinion. And you should choose DNS.

So having the system up and running the first thing you have to learn is: Solaris is more like Windows. You get a DVD and there’s some stuff on it. If you want more, it’s your problem. Sun doesn’t have any network-mirrors or similar like Debian where you can get precompiled Opensource-Stuff.

But luckily Solaris isn’t Windows and Solaris is Opensource. So there’s a vast community which also provides “apt-get”-like tools and mirrors which make software installation really really easy.

I choose Blastwave, which got my attention because of it’s good documentation Ok honestly I didn’t try any other until now 😉 .

Just follow the steps:

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