Importing tpc-h testdata into mongodb

As written in a former post, tpc-h offers an easy possiblity to generate various amounts of testdata. Download dbgen from this website and compile it:

now run

./dbgen -v -s 0.1

this should leave you with some *.tbl files (PIPE separated csvfiles). Now you can use my scripts to convert them into json an import them into mongodb.
i packed already some generated files into the archive and added the header, so you don’t have to generate the tbl-files by yourself. You only have to adjust the script so it loads into the correct database (if test is not ok for you).

if you use your own generated tpl files you have to run:


tar -xjvvf mongodb_tpch.tar.bz2
cd mongodb_tpch

the default script imports the data into the db “test” and collections named like the tpc-h tables.

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