Getting DIGITUS-DN-70440 to work with Ubuntu 11.10 and ndiswrapper

I needed a new wlan stick for my fixed pc, as the old one had a very weak reception, so I looked a bit in the shops and found that a realtek stick with reverse-sma port + a extra large antenna just were about 15 Euros. The exact name of the stick is DIGITUS-DN-70440, but it has a Realtek 8192CU chipset on board. Thinking about the fine support for Realtek Ethernet-Cards and reading it had “Linux-Support” I thought it should work like a charm…..Screw this. The crapstick kept kicking me out of the wlan every 10 seconds and I was blaming everthing else until I realised, it’s the driver. The experience I made was: you just can’t use the linux driver…

Not amused to buy a new stick i thought: Damn it, i’ll try ndiswrapper. Et voilĂ  everythink works as expected. Here are the necessary steps:

1. Get the windows driver labeled “Utility and Driver Auto Installation Program (Support XP/Vista/Win7)(Install Shield v1.00.0187)”
2. Unzip it and copy the file “RTWLANU_Driver/WinXP/netrtwlanu.inf” somewhere on your pc (i used /opt)
3. install ndiswrapper, load the driver, see if it is loaded and the device is shown ban the old driver and reboot your pc

sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils-1.9
sudo ndiswrapper -i /opt/RTWLANU_Driver/WinXP/netrtwlanu.inf
sudo ndiswrapper -l
echo "blacklist rtl8192cu" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl8192cu.conf
echo 8192cu | sudo tee -a /etc/modules

the ndiswrapper -l should look like this

$> sudo ndiswrapper -l
$> netrtwlanu : driver installed
	device (0BDA:8176) present (alternate driver: rtl8192cu)

this tutorial was taken from these forum posts :

PS: ndiswrapper is not the nice solution, but I was fed up with trying to compile the realtek-drivers (in fact I did go to all the source-code fixing stuff for Ubuntu 11.10 compiled it, but it was as crappy as before). If the linux-drivers get stable some day, just drop me a line and I will switch happily

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