Useful PHP Ressources

With the time this page should grow to a collection of useful ressources for PHP.

Why should I use PHP?

  • it’s easy to learn and to use, imho easier than some other languages, like Java (don’t argue with me, almost everyone has his own opinion about this topic)
  • you have a fast experience of success, which motivates you to learn more
  • it’s easy to get the necessary preconditions
  • you can fastly develop webpages and web-applications

Where to get it?

The easiest way to start is to get some cheap webspace, supporting PHP, like for example for the german people around here. You just have to upload your scripts and access them over your browser.

Another possibility is to use XAMPP which installs an apache webserver with PHP-Support on your local computer:



  • The Quakenet PHP-Tutorial is the ideal entry point for every motivated learner. It covers the basics as well as some advanced technics.


  • The PHP Reference. The ultimate weapon against “function-amnesia”. Also read some of the comments, they’re often quite useful.

Some information about Design Patterns in PHP

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