Mounting ReadyNAS CIFS Volume under Ubuntu Linux

I had severe problems to get a mount of the ReadyNAS automatic usershare to my laptop. Everthing I was trying failed and serveral people had the same problem. The NAS had domain-authentication activated.

The error was error 13 = Permission denied

This is my fstab entry which worked in the end, substitute XX with your IP and mmustermann with your user.

//192.168.XX.XX/mmustermann /mnt/mmustermann-usershare cifs credentials=/etc/samba/mmustermann-creds,uid=mmustermann,gid=mmustermann,domain=mydomain,forceuid,forcegid,sec=krb5,iocharset=utf8 0 0

this is my credential file /etc/samba/mmustermann-creds:


EDIT: i forgot the domain part, without it it didn’t work properly. Actually i had some problems mounting the autogenerated usershare again. So for now only thing that worked for me was a “normal” manual created share.

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