Gnome multi line taskbar / windowlist

For quite some time I was looking for a solution to have a multi-line gnome taskbar. Under windows you can just drag your taskbar and the windowlist chooser expands to multiple lines. Now I learned: under gnome its almost as easy. Open some Program. Right-click your panel (to which you already added the window-chooser applet) and go to “Properties” there you increase the size until the window-list chooser is multiple lines high (over 50px it was for me). Thats all. Gnome resizes all other icons in the panel to, so I recommend adding a smaller extra panel for them. Or you just live with it (as i do). When you choose, that your virtual-desktop chooser is shown in two lines, then it’s quite okay.

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niahooJanuary 31st, 2012 at %I:%M %p

thanks !

I’ve tried this some time ago and it didn’t worked. But now it’s fine.

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