nagios checks too slow

lately i came across a really dumb problem. Our nagios server sucked like hell and I couldn’t find the source of the problem. I was tuning nagios-parameters but nothing changed. The server had low load and cpu-usage, but the checks were delayed about 15-30 minutes (should be checked every 2 minutes). Then I found the solution. nagios active hostchecks YOU HAVE TO DISABLE THIS CRAP. In Nagios 2.x the hostchecks are serial, thus delaying all other checks, while checking. With some hundreds hosts it can happen fast, that the server is almost only checking the hosts and not doing anything else.

I have to say, that even if it should be fixed in Nagios 3.x I had similar problems there. So give it a try, perhaps it helps. The host-alive-state is determined through service-checks, if the service is alive, the parent is too. If all services die then a active hostcheck is performed automatically (even if the setting is set to 0).

So that’s how it works: in your hosts-Object (or template!) you have to set

active_checks_enabled         0

If you’re still running Nagios 2.x I would recommend upgrading to nagios 3.x, it has some improvements regarding parallel checks and valid length of check-result strings, etc.

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