nfs: Stale File Handle with LVM partitions

recently I was having a problem with NFS. I wanted to export a quite large NFS-Volume (20TB) and when I tried to mount it on the client there was always the error

nfs: Stale File Handle

I couldn’t find the error and read some articles which indicated perhaps a corrupted underlying filesystem. Fearing the worst i wanted to do a fsck, but as the server currently is under heavy use this was no option. Luckily i found the next article which explains, that with LVM-Volumes one has to set a “fsid” Option or the export/mount could fail.

so just add a unique number as fsid to your export line, e.g. and restart the nfs-server, and voilĂ  everything works

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renjithJuly 15th, 2016 at %I:%M %p

wow thanks for saving my day!

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